Ted Houck - President, CEO & Co-Founder

When Hepta Systems clients expressed a desire for smarter control and management over data center assets and facilities, Ted Houck knew he had the right mix of innovative individuals to create a team up to the task. Applying the same principles that has turned his other endeavors into award-winning organizations, Houck’s leadership and vision have led to the development of Entrocim, a first-of-its-kind software solution providing facility stakeholders with all the information they need to ensure the safe, optimized operation of the most important aspects of their property.

Jason Houck - Chief Information Officer & Co-Founder

As one of the leaders of the Entrocim team, Jason Houck made the project a priority after speaking with several facility managers and information technology specialists. An experienced professional in the control systems integration and intelligent building industry, he has been an integral part of designing world-class building automation and control systems that have earned international honors. By applying the same processes that have made previous projects a success, Jason’s work with the Entrocim team has resulted in a truly innovative product.

Ronald Snyder - Software Developer

Ron Snyder’s passion for technology started with developing his own programs on a Commodore 64 as a child. Years of education, experience and interest in software development have made Ron an integral part of the Entrocim team. With a background in database administration and web application development, developing a better solution for data centers.

Mike Reed - Business Development Analyst

With an educational background in public relations and information systems, Mike brings a unique skillset to his work with the Entrocim team. Serving in the role of Business Development Analyst, Mike is responsible for providing systems analysis and feature recommendations, while also providing operational process insight to the management team. .