Use EntroCims DC tool to view what's happening in your Data Center, track all your equipment, and tackle power management.

Floor Plan

View a scale version of your data center in a 2D top down view or a floor level 3D view. The Floor Plan view allows you to run speedy reports and find your troublesome areas in your racks. Sort by power consumption, intake or exhaust temperature, delta temperature, humidity percentage, rack space, or any other custom criteria.

Equipment and Inventory

EntroCim DC provides the tools needed to stage new equipment and place it in your Data Center. Keep track of all your equipment in an intuitive and easy to use inventory tool. A powerful search allows you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Power and Network

EntroCim DC contains a powerful tool for viewing where power is being distributed throughout the Data Center, a break down of your Data Centers PUE, a tool to simulate an equipment failure, topological mapping for both Power and Network connections.