The backbone of the EntroCim software suite is a single-pane unified user interface tool allowing user-based monitoring and control over all integrated points within a facility or property portfolio. Haystack Tagging makes it easy to perform all operational tasks in one place, including:

  • Reviewing point histories
  • Sequence of operation logic
  • Runtime scheduling
  • Alarm logic & distribution
  • Setpoint adjustment
  • Utility meter reporting
Graphics Logo 6×1

Imagine graphics that are automatically generated: navigation, point summaries and links to histories that simply work without any laborious setup, all combined with custom graphics that can be created super-fast with the best tools in the industry.

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Create ad-hoc charts to compare data on the fly using drag-and-drop points. You can use the powerful roll-up feature and even share custom views with a simple URL via email.
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We took the simplicity of block programming and the powerful logic of line programming to create a new combination called Logic Builder. With Logic Builder you can create control sequences once and reuse them everywhere based of tags.
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Quickly make temporary or permanent changes to the settings in you facility. EntroCims Override tools allow you to manage equipment and sensors, set thermostats, change alert conditions, control lighting, or command anything else in your building!

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EntroCim allows you to create schedule to preform action in your facility. Set custom schedule to manage HVAC, lighting, security and anything else connected to EntroCim!

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Store and organize your digital documents, manuals, order of operations, blueprints, and show drawings in EntroCim. Then all your important facilities documents are accessible in a single central location.